Oud Assam

Oud Assam is an interesting perfume around Oud and Sandalwood. Assam is a state of India. Oud Assam is a deep fragrance inspired by the cultural richness of India. When Assam, with its subtropical climate, is known to be the source of many animalic and barny agarwood oils, our perfumer surprises the perfume world with a fresh woody and spicy attar. Indeed, Oud Assam has a great sillage without being overpowering.

Oud Assam has a subtle masculine style.

Olfactory description:
(Fragrance Pyramid of Notes)

  • Fine Indian Spices, Mint
  • Hint of Patchouli, Sweet woody
  • Sandalwood, Wet wood, Indian Oud

Bottle Size: 6ml

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Rumman Fashion is the Canadian Distributor of Perfume Designer Maison Anthony Marmin.


0.5ml (sample), 3ml (1/4 tola), 6ml (1/2 tola)


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