Al Maghreb Al Arabi

Al Maghreb Al Arabi is a beautiful perfume inspired by North Africa, such an amazing place in the World to discover. History and cultures from Al Maghreb Al Arabi are at the image of this fragrance: traditional, rich and unique.

Al Maghreb Al Arabi is a fragrance suitable for ladies and gentlemen.

Al Maghreb Al Arabi means The Arab Maghreb.

  • In modern usage the Maghreb comprises Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania.
  • The Arabic word Maghreb means ‘place where the sun sets’.

Olfactory description:
(Fragrance Pyramid of Notes)

  • Neroli from Morocco, Wild Lavender from Algeria
  • Cumin from Tunisia
  • Vetiver, Musk

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Rumman Fashion is the Canadian Distributor of Perfume Designer Maison Anthony Marmin.


0.5ml (sample), 3ml (1/4 tola), 6ml (1/2 tola)


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