Oud Abiyad

Oud Abiyad is a fresh and clean Middle Eastern scent. It is a woody fragrance with a vibrant leathery character around gentle and smooth notes. Oud Abiyad is mid-way between Arabian and Western perfumes while opening opportunity to discover a classic scent of the Middle East and the oud world. It offers a peppery citrus accord before a combination of leathery and woody notes.

Oud Abiyad is suitable for ladies and gentlemen. The meaning of Oud Abiyad is White Oud.

Olfactory description:
(Fragrance Pyramid of Notes)

  • Citrus, Lemon, Fresh Eucalyptus
  • White Pepper, Clean Musk, Leather
  • Vanilla, Sandalwood, Indian Oud

Bottle Size: 6ml

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3ml (1/4 tola), 6ml (1/2 tola)


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