Musk Aswad

Musk Aswad is a visionary version of the famous black muskBlack Musk is a classic and popular scent of Arabian perfumery. It is a complex piece of art distinguished by accentuated vanilla notes and enriched honey nuances around sweet and earthy notes. Musk Aswad has a rather imposing olfactory character but remains easy to wear since the base of the perfume is floral, with no animal origin ingredients.

Musk Aswad is a subtle masculine fragrance. The meaning of Musk Aswad is Black Musk. Original black musk is prepared with deer musk but here we have done a similar scent with a floral base. Result is more sweet and with no animalic notes.

Olfactory description:
(Fragrance Pyramid of Notes)

  • Vanilla, Dark Dry Plums
  • Kashmiri Honey, Indian Vetiver
  • Woody, Musk, Amber

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Rumman Fashion is the Canadian Distributor of Perfume Designer Maison Anthony Marmin.


0.5ml (sample), 3ml (1/4 tola), 6ml (1/2 tola)


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