Amber ash-Sheikh

Amber ash-Sheikh is a strong and dark fragrance. Prepared with different varieties of plants, flowers, rare Asian herbs and a beautiful saffron, it gives a powerful and complex perfume and brings the “beast mode” to the next level. Its rich and intense style is a bit similar with some strong oud oils.

Amber Ash Sheikh is a soothing and aphrodisiac fragrance and has a clearly masculine style. Sheikh is an honorific title in the Arabic language.

Olfactory description
(Fragrance Pyramid of Notes)

  • Earthy, Powerful Amber, Floral
  • Hint of Honey, Spicy, Saffron
  • Woody, Musky, Oriental

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Rumman Fashion is the Canadian Distributor of Perfume Designer Maison Anthony Marmin.


0.5ml (sample), 3ml (1/4 tola), 6ml (1/2 tola)


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