Armaf Club de Nuit Sillage

Club De Nuit Sillage by Armaf smells similar to Creed Silver Mountain Water. A huge Compliment machine. The fragrance is bergamot, Musk, Neroli, green tea and sandalwood. This perfume is a very aromatic fragrance that is great for Spring and Summer time, however I believe this can be worn all year around.

This opens up with a nice clean smooth musk and with a slight hint of lemon on the top. The perfume definitely has some depth to it. Aside from the green tea the other notes, all are very well blended and they compliment each other really well.

This fragrance sets itself apart from most of the other Armaf fragrances and I feel this is the most clean especially because of that metallic vibe that you get from the perfume. On this skin this fragrance lasts anywhere around 10-12 hours and if sprayed on your clothes this would probably last much longer. Even though this may be a light scent the projection is up to three hours.

Bottle Size: 3.6OZ


0.5ml (sample), 6ml (1/2 tola)

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