Maison Luxe Elixir Parfum

A glorious oriental composition; Maison Luxe Elixir by Hamidi will have you transported to an experiential aura of Middle Eastern charm and mysticism. This extravagant scent opens with bright fruity – floral notes that are judiciously layered on a bed of smoky leather, exquisite musk and earthy patchouli.

Description: It is similar to Sekushi No. 7 of Lengling.

  • Top Notes: Fruity, Leathery, Raspberry, Apricot
  • Middle Notes: Lily of the Valley, Cotton Candy
  • Base Notes: Leather, Patchouli, Olibanum, Musk

Size: 110ml

Hamidi is under a house called Sterling which also owns Armaf.

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0.5ml (sample), 6ml (1/2 tola)

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