Majmua 96

Majmua 96 or Attar 96 Majmua is one of the most popular fragrances in India. It is used by people for religious purposes, such as applying the fragrance before going for Namaaz/Salah (Muslim prayers) or for performing Pooja (Hindu prayers). It is a deep relaxing fragrance used for meditation, prayers, and for pleasure.

Attar 96 Majmua was created by Attarwala Family in India, a master perfumer, who spent nearly 18 years perfecting his creation. The fragrance is enjoyed by millions of people in India, and around the world. The word Majmua has become so popular that sometimes any attar or fragrance is referred to as Majmua.

Aroma Description : Deep, rich, relaxing fragrance. People describe it as reminding them of ‘India’ – a very incense type of blend.

Woody, musky floral composition.


10ml, 5ml