Agarwood Cambodi

Agarwood chips from Cambodia. We propose here Grade A chips within thin shapes but with heavy resin on it. Luxury scent used in palaces, with a deep Cambodian profile: sweet and deep woody with a light floral touch.

How to use it:

Light up a charcoal and place it in a bakhoor burner, it can be a traditional dabqaad, a modern designed incense burner or any type, as long as you are able to place the hot coal.

Then put a little piece of agarwood onto the hot coal and let the smoke perfume the room. You can also make a fumigation, meaning perfuming yourself and your clothes with it, take the bakhoor burner next to you for 30 to 60 seconds.

Rumman Fashion is the Canadian Distributor of Perfume Designer Maison Anthony Marmin.


3gms (1/4tola)


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