Vanilla Rouge – Eau de Parfum

Vanilla Rouge more than just a perfume; it’s a sensory experience that invites you on a journey filled with passion and mystery. An olfactory composition that combines bold and refined notes, this women’s perfume becomes an authentic expression of modern femininity.

  • The top notes exude a tempting aura of precious saffron and red fruits, opening the doors to a magnetic and provocative world. Saffron brings an exotic and rich note, while the red fruits infuse the composition with vibrant and fresh energy.
  • In the heart of the perfume, a fascinating harmony unfolds through the combination of fine chocolate, delicate rose, and mysterious tonka bean. Chocolate, as an elixir of hidden pleasures, intertwines with the sweetness of rose petals, creating a dark and luminous contrast. Tonka bean adds a warm and enticing note, like a subtle echo of sensual nights.
  • The base notes tantalize the senses with a seductive duet of ambergris and musk, complemented by velvety musk accords. Ambergris exudes an oceanic, captivating, and mysterious sensation, while musk brings an enigmatic depth. Musk, with its sensual persistence, concludes this olfactory story with a subtle note of seduction.

“Vanilla Rouge” is a perfume that speaks directly to the soul, taking you on a journey of the senses where each note is like a note in a passionate symphony. Dare to step into the enigmatic world of “Vanilla Rouge” and let yourself be captivated by its unique and irresistible essence.

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0.5ml (sample), 6ml (1/2 tola)

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